Contest terms and condition

                                        Friends Moments Contest

1. Only videos are allowed.
2. Videos length should be 30 sec to 60 sec.
3. Team Member should be 2 or more. A single person video is not allowed.
4. Video should be clearly visible, blur videos will not be consider for  the contest.
5. Video theme and language should be decent. 
6. Abusive language, political agenda video, related to religion videos are not     allowed.
7. Team name is required.
8. Your video will be posted on evikalp's Facebook page.
9. Whose video will get the maximum likes will be the winner.

10. You can share your video to your friends and relatives for more likes

11. Only Evikalp's facebook page likes will be counted.

12. Only one video is allowd for each team for contest.

13. The date of each contest is fixed.

14. Any late entry will not be eligible for contest.

15. Evikalp can change the contest and its rules any time.

16. Judge's decision will be final.
17. Any objection of participants and any other person will not be entertained.
18. The results will be disclosed on 24th October.

19. All rights are reserved to

20. Contest date is 11th to 17th october 2020.

                                         Creative Kids Contest

  1. Only videos are allowed.

  2. The video should be 15 to 30 seconds long.

  3. We will share your pics and details on evikalp's Facebook page.

  4. Your videos have to get most likes.

  5. Whose videos will get the most likes will be the winner.

  6. you can share your videos with your relatives and friends for more likes.

  7. Only evikalp's Facebook page video's likes will be counted for contest.

  8. In each contest first five selected winners get vouchers and gifts from evikalp.

  9. Only one video is allowed for each contestant for each category and contest.

  10. The dates of each contest is fixed.

  11. Late entries will not be entertained.

  12. Evikalp can change the contest and the rules anytime.

  13. The judge's decision will be final.

  14. Any objection by the contestant or anyone else will not be entertained.

  15. All rights are reserved to

  16. Exciting awards for winners and certificates for all participants.

  17. All e-certificates and winning prizes will be announced on 24th October 2020

  18. for all queries and questions please call or WhatsApp on 9301999944, 9993422232.

  19. Contest date is 4th to 10th October 2020.

Video's shoud be send with details. 
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